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Customer satisfaction is key. Marketing strategy of Mifa with the best service commitment and mutual benefit.

With the infrastructure we have, i.e. the mine infrastructure, hauling roads, as well as particular port, Company is doing its best to optimize its production to reach 15 million MT per year in the coming years.

Production and sales targets are very realistic, couse the company has a "comparative advantage" . One is a strategic location at the northwest tip of Sumatra. Company is much closer to the market in the Indian region and around of Thailand or the West coast of Southeast Asia. This strategic position can actually shorten the transhipment and more efficient in terms of cost. For the domestic market, the Company focuses on regional markets as well Aceh and West coast of Sumatra.

Therefore, in order to meet customer satisfaction, The company strives to meet the 3 things. First, the quality and quantity of coal. Second, time accuracy of product delivery. And third, mining with good mining practices.

The Company very concerned with good mining practices accordance with national and international regulations

We believe, however, that our concern for the environment beyond mere comercial purposes, and its inherently embedded in our corporate culture as same as company motto, "Mining with Care for Nature".