PT Mifa Bersaudara established under the Deed of Incorporation No. 69 dated January 14, 2002 and was approved by the Decree of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights No. C-03647.HT.01.01.TH.2002 on Ratification Deed of Incorporation.

Company is a subsidiary company of PT Media Djaya Bersama, operating in Aceh Barat, Aceh Province. The Company core business is coal mining company.

IUP-OP (Business License on Operations) No.117b/2011 on behalf of PT Mifa Bersaudara has a concession area of 3,134 hectares (ha) in the region of West Aceh.

Based on report in accordance with JORC standard issued by PT Runge Indonesia in July 2011, Company has a coal resource of 383 million MT. The product called "SOLUTION COAL".

Company has been conducting pilot mining since January 2012 and shipping coal to Lhok Nga, Aceh Besar since October 2012. Thus, PT Mifa Bersaudara is the pioneer of the coal industry in Aceh by its first barging. The Company has got Registered Exporter (ET) No. 03.ET-04.14.0072 and has started exporting since January 2015.

Company has also built infrastructure of the mining operational facility, mine pit, hauling road, up to the bulk coal loading system onto the barge in Peunaga Beach, West Aceh which is better known as Terminal Khusus Batubara PT Mifa Bersaudara, and others support facilities.