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In an effort to support and maximize production, the Company has developed a strategic plan for the short term and the long run. One way is to plan and build all the infrastructure supporting mining operations up to the loading of coal onto barges to be marketed. It aims, gradually Company is able to produce up to 15 million tonnes per year in the coming years.

The feasibility study regarding the construction of an integrated operational infrastructure of coal was started mid-2011 by the consultant. Based on these results, then in 2012 began the construction of infrastructure. Built infrastructure will make transporting / shipment of coal produced from the mining area which is about 12.3 km from the coast. Coal is transported by truck and conveyor via road 5 (Hauling Road) to a temporary buildup in the turning area and then transported to the stockpile in the area of ??Special Terminal using the Overland Conveyor (OLC) system. Loading coal from the stockpile area will be done with the system Tersus Barge Loading Conveyor (BLCS).

In general, the main and supporting infrastructure is divided into three areas, namely: