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Coal Crushing Plant (CCP)

One of the important parts in the process of coal mining in Mifa, is crushing process, where coal has been successfully removed from the ground, then reduced or destroyed facilities of a certain size in Coal Crushing Plant (CCP) to produce coal measure in accordance with demand from buyers. CCP built in the area south of IUP Company, with a design capacity of 750 tons per hour and stockpile can hold as much as 45,000 tons of coal.

Design CCP system in accordance with the following specifications:

ROM Strockpile 20,000 tons
Grizzly < 800mm sizing
Dump Hopper 100 tons capacity
Feeder Breaker 750 tons / hour
Secondary Crusher 75 - 110mm sizing
Receiving Conveyor 1.000 tons / hour
Radial Stacker 1.000 tons / hour

Coal Crushing Area

Coal Crushing Area

Coal Crushing Area

Coal Crushing Area

Operations Support Facility in the Mining Area

To support the operational activities in the mining area, Mifa development support facilities as follows:

  • Construction of offices, employee dormitory and cafeteria
  • To support activities in the mine opearsional has built an operational office to manage the operational activities in the area of ??the mine and also built roads 5. Mess employees rather far apart the office location (about 200 m) with a capacity of 150 employees. To support the performance of employees in carrying out its duties, provided the cafeteria.



  • Construction of houses gensets
  • The house generator by using 3 generators models of CAT 3516 and a capacity of 3 x 1825 Kva / 1460 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz, 1500 rpm, max load of 80% is built to support the operation of Coal Crusher Plant in mine stockpile area.

  • The construction of wastewater treatment unit
  • The construction of wastewater treatment unit built in offices and dormitory employees as the facility to discharge water from operations in both places no impact on the environment. This facility was built with a design flow: 60 m3 / day, Influebt BOD: 300 mg / Lt, and effluent BOD: 20 mg / Lt.

  • Development of warehouse
  • To support the operations of the mine diarea built warehouse area of ??0.032 ha as a storage material to be used in operations in the mine.

  • Development settling pond
  • The facility was built as a means of waste water from the drainage pengelolahan stockpile in the mine stockpile so that the water produced does not have any impact on the environment.

  • Water intake in mines
  • The facility was built to perform processing of Nagan river water into clean water that can be used in the workshop facilities at the mine and in the mess contractor employees. Construction of water intake facility at the scene with the river Nagan, which then distributed to workshop and mess mining contractor employees using HDPE pipe along about 4.1 km.